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two under two

Most moms would feel a bit overwhelmed with two kids under the age of two, but this mom seems to have it all together. She was so laid back and relaxed and you could see her peace through her precious children. Darling baby Simon hung out happily the entire session and was one of the most content newborns I’ve ever seen. Although still pretty little herself, Charlotte is so proud of her baby brother and just wishes he were big enough to have tea parties with her! My oldest two kids are 17 months apart and although the first few months of having two under the age of two were kind of a sleep-deprived blur, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Charlotte and Simon are blessed to have built-in playmates for life!

This session was a dream – great light in the house, a fabulous nursery and a sweet, loving and beautiful family. Thanks so much for having me, Charlotte and Simon! You both are angels!


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